By Juan Lecuona

Taking Your Stand

Non Fiction

Anxiety, doubt, and suffering can overrun your life—but if you stand up in faith and open your heart to God’s work, then He can transform even your most difficult circumstances.

Taking Your Stand explores the timeless truths recorded in the beginning of the book of Habakkuk, an account often overlooked but filled with lessons about finding hope, peace, and contentment.

Delving into stories found throughout the Bible and drawing from the author’s personal testimony, this book reveals how God can use your hardships to teach you, to grow your faith, and to reveal Himself to you and those around you.

Don’t let fear or hardship defeat you: let Taking Your Stand guide you into a new assurance that the Lord God, the Creator and your personal Savior, is working His purpose in your life.

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Juan M. Lecuona

Juan M. Lecuona has one passion: dynamically communicating the Bible’s eternal truths in a fresh, creative, and contemporary way. He travels extensively to teach and minister in churches throughout the USA and Mexico, and he is currently a member of Iglesia Biblica Juriquilla in Queretaro, Mexico. Juan is seeking to further his outreach by acquiring a Master of Arts in Theology, building on his theological studies at Dallas Theological Seminary in Texas.

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Juan will be teaching out of the book of Romans at Iglesia Biíblica Juriquilla. Keep posted for more information.

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God has prepared you for a life of victory through Him. In everything, He is walking beside you and calling you to make the most of the time you have before you see the final results of His perfect plan. 

– Juan M. Lecuona

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