Your Purpose

Your Purpose

…but for this purpose I came baptizing with water, that he might be revealed to Israel.”
John 1:31 ESV

What’s our purpose in life? For what have we been called? Upon each of us, who claims to be sons and daughters of the living God, lies a divine call and purpose. We have been redeemed, not only to secure a eternal spot in heaven but to reach out hope to a hopeless society.

John the Baptist knew what his purpose on Earth was: prepare the way for the Messiah. The other day when reading the gospel of John at Seminary the Holy Spirit gentle drove my attention to John’s words. He was making a bold declaration of who Jesus was.

His testimony summarizes our personal experience with Jesus. John saw Jesus coming forward towards he, and immediately he pointed him out to the people. That’s the best definition of ministry: pointing others to Jesus. He boldly declares who Jesus is and that he “takes away the sin of the world” (1:30 ESV). I love the way how it is written. The way John declares what Jesus do is in present tense. It was recorded in present tense, I believe, so that we never forget that redemption is real and active 2000+ years after those words came out of the baptizer lips.

John knew what his real purpose was: revealing Jesus to his generation. Basically baptizing was the mean John had to preach and prepare the way for the word from heaven to be revealed. I wonder if we also have that strong conviction regarding ministry.

So often we find ourselves involved in so many areas. We tend to think that filling with church activities any empty space in our schedule we are doing ministry. Sorry to disappoint you. But filling our schedule with church activities is not ministry and we’re not called to do that. We are call to point others towards Jesus. Our main purpose in serving is that Jesus be revealed. I totally want to bodily confess as John did centuries ago that “for this purpose I came… that he [Jesus] might be revealed…”

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