Touching Him

Touching Him

The whole crowd was trying to touch himbecause power was coming out from himand healing them all. Luke 6:19

JesusJesus’ ministry was about people. I want to call your attention to the attitude of the people who, on that particular occasion, went seeking a touch from the Master. Something that caught my attention is found  a few verses earlier, where we read about Jesus’ heart. It is not written in black and white, but you can get the idea out of what is omitted in verse 17 which reads: Then he came down with them and stood on a level place. Jesus decided to make himself accessible to those who were seeking him. He “stood on a level place” which means that Jesus -out of His will- decided to go to a place where the surface had the same level in all its parts (instead of going to an unreachable place), a place without unevenness, a place without inequality. By doing so He became accessible to everyone. We know from verse 17 that a vast multitude was there waiting to be touched by Him. The Master. I wonder if today we’re that desperate to be touched by Him, by His word, by His presence, by the reality of His majesty.

Details are everything. They make the difference. I love how the Bible tells us that the people were out there running after Jesus because they had gone with the sole purpose of hearing Him and be healed. Today we can go before the Master to hear Him teach us. All we’ve got to do is open our Bibles and let Him whisper words of life over our lives. Jesus himself said the following regarding his words: “The words that I have spoken to you are spirit and are life.” (John 6:63). If His words are spirit and life, then healing is expected to be found in what the Master spoke centuries ago. I believe there is power, as the old hymn says “wondrous working power“, not only in the words the Master spoke but in His name as well. The name above any other name. Jesus Christ. I pray that in my own life I’d be desperate in trying to touch Jesus by the reading of his words because power and healing are there waiting to be released over my life. All I’ve got to do is reach out to him.

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