Spiritual Quest (Entry 1)

Spiritual Quest (Entry 1)

Over the last few months I embraced myself on a journey to walk with God in a more profound way. I decided to be intentional in searching God’s voice through the practice of spiritual disciplines on a more profound way. The result of this exercise has been life changing. I have decided to share my personal thoughts on this issue through the series of entries I have called “Spiritual Quest”. 


Human beings find themselves always in a quest. Since the beginning mankind has been on a quest to prove themselves worthy, strong, that they were placed here on earth with a purpose. The same principle applies for us Christians. For some reason we tend to bring all that what the world seems to be doing into our understanding of who we ought to live, instead of embracing all that God has already in store for us now that we have become his sons and daughters. Centuries ago the author of Ecclesiastes wrote that eternity has been placed inside of us for the sole reason that people cannot discover what God has ordained in the first place[1]. That lack of knowledge is responsible for sending us in the search of that which is supernatural, mystical, and unknown to us. I know I have been in a spiritual quest for many years. I was raised in a very traditional, legalistic and conservative denomination. Something inside of me longed for more, for an encounter, for an experience. I so desperately wanted an experience with God.   I have been taught simply to read the Bible and pray. That was my definition of spiritual life. It was after one of the leaders at my home church came back from seminary with a totally new approach on spirituality that I felt intrigued as I heard how he spoke about an exciting spiritual life that was completely new and unknown to me. I decided to walk this journey my pastor called a healthy spiritual life. Spiritual life has to be described as a journey. But it goes far beyond than that. It is a quest. A quest is a long and difficult effort to find or to do something. I cannot agree more with that. In other words, a spiritual quest is a journey made in search of finding God. That is, precisely, the purpose of my spiritual quest. I have decided to search and find God in the words of the Bible, as his voice speaks to my heart with life, love, hope, grace and power.

This spiritual quest in which we all Christians are, whether aware or not of it has a starting point that can be tracked back to the moment of salvation. According to Scripture, at the moment of salvation we receive the Holy Spirit. It is precisely he the one who orchestrates this incredible symphony called the Christian life. He is the initiator of it. There is nothing good in our humanity that will enable us to live a healthy spiritual life. It is the Holy Spirit the one who works it out for us. All we’ve got to do is allow him to do God’s work in and through us. We need to be constantly filled with the Holy Spirit so that we may be prompted to walk and live a goodly life. It is a process and it is not an easy one. As Lewis Sperry Chafer says the Holy Spirit is “the cause of true spirituality. His work is to manifest ‘the life that is Christ’[2]”. Once understood, reading the Bible and praying takes a whole another perspective. Surely these spiritual disciplines require effort and consistency from us. But they are not the goal; they simply are the means by which we can reach our goal. Having a healthy spiritual life. The reality of the Spirit moving and speaking to us is not to be found in these spiritual disciplines per se, but in our willingness to abide in the Father’s love.

[1] Ecclesiastes 3:11

[2] Chafer, Lewis Sperry. He That Is Spiritual. Moody Press: Chicago, 1918. p.42

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