Speak Lord

Speak Lord

God gave me a very specific and unique word on September  7th as I was soaking in his presence, worshipping and meditating in Scrpture.

God spoke through Psalm 85:8 which reads:

I will hear what God the Lord will say;
For He will speak peace to His people, to His godly ones;
But let them not turn back to folly.

It amaze me how the Psalmist was expressing a strong intention since the beginning of the verse. He wanted to intently hear whatever God was about to speak. He was speaking into his future. He’d made a decision  in the depth of his heart, and was determined to carry on with what he’d resolved. He was intentional in his determination. And how could he not? After all, he not only wanted to simply hear but to carefully listen God’s voice. His heart was like a drying land that eagerly desired water. Water is an amazing imagery used often in Scripture to describe what it does. It is compared with water because it washes, cleanses, refreshes,  and sustains life.  Imagine for a moment a dying plant. When you  water it on a regular basis, eventually, it will revive. That’s exactly what God’s Word do to our lives. It refreshes us, cleans us, revive us, and refreshes our souls. Surly it does more than that. Scripture  has this incredible ability to fully and completely instruct us, guide us, confront us, and restore us.  It has the potential to radically transform us from the inside out. The psalmist was convinced that he would hear  what God the Lord will say. The psalmist refers to the Creator as Mighty Yahweh (God the Lord in hebrew). In other words, he was declaring: I must be intentional in perceiving what Mighty Yahweh’s speak to my heart for me to completely obey them. The Psalmist’s intention, clearly, was to hear God’s voice and obey.

I believe that when we are facing trouble, struggling with life, unsettled due to those itchy issues that may arise in our lives, peace sometimes seems to be nonexistent. When facing complicated situations, God surely will order peace to our hearts.  The second phrase begins with a preposition which implies that something will affect us positively, something will work in our favor.  The author is saying that Yahweh will indeed affirm peace in our lives. God will speak peace into our lives, hearts, souls, situations and struggles through Scripture by the work of the Holy Spirit. His words are filled with creative power. He actually spoke life into existence. The creation account, clearly, demonstrates that everything came into existence through God’s spoken word. When you read that God will speak peace to His people, you can be confident in the fact it will definitely be created in you. And for that to occur you are to, continually, be putting Scripture into your heart. You can’t expect to know what God says and what his desires for you are if you don’t spend time reading and meditating in what He has already said!!

The Psalmist had but one desire:  to never turn his back on God and ever walk away from Him.  It is interesting the use of the word “folly” for describing abandonment to God. Turning back into folly, literally, means: to disdain God’s word.  My prayer for you and me is that we commit ourselves  to, always, be eager in leaning forward before His magnificent presence, to always  listen his sweet voice,  guard our hearts from being foolish, and obey whatever he commands.

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