Reflections on Habakkuk #2

Reflections on Habakkuk #2

As I stated in my previous post I’ve been studying the book of Habakkuk. I haven’t even get into it deeply as I would like. By observing the structure of the book, by noticing the way it begins and contrasting it with how it ends has been illustrative. For some reason I wasn’t able to go forward. The Holy Spirit kept bringing me back to Habakkuk as if he were trying to show me something. I wanted to do my devotionals using another passage of Scripture but he wouldn’t allow me to do so. He kept prompting me to go back to Habakkuk.

Last night I was tiered and all I wanted to do was take a hot bath, get into bed and spend some time reading. But the Holy Spirit told me “You ought to go to the prayer meeting”. So I got dressed and went. When I arrive the meeting had already started. So I simply joined in. The youth pastor was praying out loud for divine instruction and he was really crying out for a better understanding of God’s guidance towards his life and ministry. Then Habakkuk 2:1 hit me. The presence of God was so tangible in that room. It was one of those occasions where you simply can’t stand it that you are physically drown down to the floor. Then I got this impression in my spirit.

Prayer is our guard post. It is through prayer that we position ourselves before Heaven’s throne, it is through prayer that we can present our needs before God, but prayer goes beyond that. Through prayer we stand against the enemy, through prayer we’re able to cover ourselves and others, it is through prayer that we can stand against Satan’s attacks.

Last night, I understand that prayer is our guard post. That we are required to station ourselves in prayer before the Lord because prayer is “the tower or fortress (2:1 AMP)” that we have to cling to to wave throughout the tides this life might bring. Then the prophet makes a bold declaration: There I will wait to see what the Lord says and how he will answer my complaint (2:1 NLT). As I was lying on the floor last night an awareness of this reality grew within me. I wonder if we are able to wait on God and see how He will work out. Let me rephrase my question. Are we willing to wait at all?

Yet another question comes to surface when pondering on prayer being our guard post in life. How would my reaction be when God’s answer is not the one I expected it to be? The NASB translates the last portion of 2:1 as follows: how I may reply when I am reproved. I believe that the way we respond when God answers our prayer is determined by how dependent our lives are to God. Are we humble enough to simply let go our own personal thoughts, ideas, wishes, plans, when they truly do not align with God’s will and purpose for us? How selfish we are? How blind are we? Don’t you about you, but I’ve decided to walk trusting God, having an active prayer life. Prayer is not a boring thing. Prayer is an extraordinary thing. It is a supernatural weapon that God has entrusted to us. Prayer shapes and sharpens our faith. Prayer strengths our confidence in God’s providence. My prayer for you is that you might engage in this wonderful and beautiful yet powerful and dynamic spiritual discipline called prayer.

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