As I reflect on the burden being single is, I came up with what in structure is considered to be Psalm of Lament. A Psalm, by definition is considered to be a sacred song or hymn or poem, and is used in Christian and Jewish worship. Thus, what I express is a poem who portrays my pain, my questioning, my request and ends with worship. 


All merciful and all caring God,
How long will my soul remain unloved?
Am I destined to wander this Earth as a barren soul?
How far will the solitude of my heart reach?

My heart longs, Oh Lord,
for the synchronized rhythm;
between the ocean and the sand,
between the sun and the moon.

My soul desire is for your royal dance;
that majestically balanced masquerade,
between the moon and the stars,
betwixt the air and the breeze.

Your magnificent ball, Lover of my soul;
was birthed and conceived in your undying love for me,
and is destined to honor You as I move to the rhythm of your grace.

Still oh God, will you forget me?
I feel like a beggar in the country of intimacy.
I am a stranger in the lovers’ land.
Your grace is playing hide and seek.

How long, Oh Lord?
How long will I walk in this dry and barren land?
Have I been forgotten?
Does the only companion of my heart is the wordlessness of solitude?

Merciful God,
Deliver my heart from the dungeon of solitariness.
Provide my soul with a companion.

Graceful Lord,
Free my mind from the chains of self-pity.
Save me from a life without a suitable helper.

Timeless God,
Give me peace and confidence in your perfect timing.
Help me wait and trust in your plans for my life.

Everlasting Father,
As you did with Adam in the garden, do it once more for me.
As you did with Isaac, in Your grace, do it for me once more.

Loving Father,
In your grace, You provided Mana to your people.
In your perfect care, You provided clothing to your people.
In your everlasting love, You paid the ransom for our souls.

I praise You God,
For you have shown Your love and care for me in the past.
I honor You Lord,
For making ways where there are none.
I worship You,
For my life is in Your hands.

I adore You, My Father,
You are testing and proving my character.
I exalt You,
You are about to unveil your perfect plan.
I give thanks to you, the Lover of my soul,
You have given me Your written word as a testimony of your unfailing love for me.
I glorify You,
You have granted me access to Your presence, where I find rest.

I will tell of Your marvelous ways.
You have proved to be true to Your word.
I trust in You, Oh Lord,
Your plans for my life are of good.
I am confident that You will make a way for Your promises.
You are not a man that would lie.

My hope rises out of knowing your tender and loving heart.
I am cared for by You.