My personal thoughts on discipleship

My personal thoughts on discipleship

Discipleship is a learning process in which the pupil seeks to be Christ-like. The process is performed by God through the active work of the Holy Spirit as the individual allows the Word of God, which is alive and active, to become a reality in his life. Evidence of progress in the process of discipleship is the fruits the individual is manifesting. A disciple also has strong and well-defined principles by whom he conducts himself. He is also a compassionate person (Mt. 5:43-47) who loves even his enemies.

The follower of Jesus is someone who gives because he is driven to compassion by the need of people and not by his need for recognition (Mt. 6:1-4). The disciple is a pupil who has understood that his learning process to become more like Christ necessarily involves spiritual disciplines; he is someone who knows how to pray (Mt 6:5-13) and how to fast (Mt 6:16-18). Because the disciple is in constant contact with the Scriptures, he becomes aware of the things that matter; his heart, therefore, is in those things (Mt. 6:19-21). The follower of Jesus is a peacemaker; therefore, he is someone who forgives (Mt. 6:14-15). In essence, the main thing that gives form and strengthens the character of a disciple is that he is committed (Mt. 6:24) and, above all things, seeks the kingdom and justice of God (Mt. 6:33).

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