In Secret (#1)

In Secret (#1)

A secret is something unknown or unseen. We all have secrets of our own. Good and bad ones. We all held secrets. We tend to bury them deep in our hearts. Some bring shame on us. Those are the kind of secrets we all pray to stay hidden from those with whom we get to do life with. Shame terrifies us. Yet according to the author of Romans, Christ has already dealt with shame. I’ll leave that for another discussion. Still there are few ones that produce joy and comfort deep in our heart. There are yet another kind of secrets worth keeping private. These secrets are meant to be exclusively ours. Take for example that sunset you’ve got to experience with that significant other in your life, or that piece of music that triggers good memories from your youth, or  the emotion you felt in your inner being that time you saw the girl of your dreams steering at you while doing something else. Those are the kind of secrets you’ll get to cherish.

There is something unique in knowing that you are the only one who’d get to know something. That sense of secrecy makes you feel unique. God relates to his people in a very personal and unique way. He has given us the Bible in which He speaks directly to our hearts. In the stillness and tranquility of life He whispers words of live, words of truth, words of justice, words of inspiration and words of transformation. When the heavenly exchange between heaven and earth occurs you get to hear God’s voice speaking directly into your heart. My friend, when that happens it becomes a secret between you and your heavenly Father. God enjoys having a personal time through a unique and personal relationship with his children. What he has in store, for each one of his sons and daughters, is to be known exclusively to each one particularly.

Matthew chapter six speaks at least of three things that God sees in secret: giving, praying and fasting. Each one of these activities is done privately and is unique to each individual. There is something powerful in giving. Detaching ourselves from things we value is not an easy task.

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