The third day of the last week of Jesus on Earth is full of many activities and likewise is characterized by profound teaching. On March 31, 33 AD, our Lord taught about the importance of giving to Cesar what rightly belongs to him and God what rightly belongs to Him (Matthew 22:21). He also explained about the Great Commission (Matthew 22: 34-40, Mark 12: 28-34). Ministerially speaking, it was a day full of “speaking engagements.”

I could, very well, stop today for a few moments to meditate and ponder on that dear passage that many of us know too well because it is among the most used Scripture when giving our tithes and offerings. Yes, I speak of the widow’s offering in Mark 12: 41-44. However, some words came out of the mouth of Jesus, which do not stop resonating in my mind.

Early that day, a group of religious of the time who maintained a doctrinal difference with the rest of the Jewish denominations of the time, approached Jesus to ask about the resurrection of the dead, since they did not believe such a thing. At that time, it was a Jewish custom that, if a woman widowed without a child, the brother of the deceased had the moral and religious responsibility to marry her to give offspring to the dead. The scenario that these religious raised was that in one family there were seven brothers, the firstborn had been married and had died without having children, so the brother who was next in the bloodline took as his wife the widow of his brother. This situation occurred with all seven brothers. They wanted to know whose wife the widow would be at the time of the resurrection. There is something about Jesus’ response that made me think a lot.

Jesus answered them, “You are deluded, because your hearts are not filled with the revelation of the Scriptures or the power of God. For after the resurrection, men and women will not marry, just like the angels of heaven don’t marry. Matthew 22:29-30 TPT

That first sentence resonated in my mind and in my spirit. As I reflect on what the last week of the Savior on Earth should have been like, before going up to Calvary to make atonement for my sins, I wonder if I do know His Word.

In these days, the nations who call themselves “Christian” celebrate the last days of the one they claim to love and worship. But do they know Him? I do not want to generalize here. The question, then, becomes personal. “Do I know Jesus?”, “Do I know the Scriptures?”, “Do I know the power of God first hand?” Jesus was telling the religious that if they knew who God is, as they claimed, they would not need to ask such a question.

The Passion Translation left me thinking even more. It goes a little further in its explanation of the reason why we sometimes live deluded. The issue is not lack of knowledge; the problem is that our hearts have not allowed the truth of the Word of God, the revelation of who God is, to take root in our hearts.

The main reason we succumb to error is because our hearts are not burning with the truth of His Word. Jesus told them, “your hearts are not filled with the revelation of the Scriptures.” The Bible says that faith comes by listening to the Word of God (Romans 10:17). The Bible is the one that; not only reveals God to us, but his heart, and his plan for us as well. In the Scriptures, we discover the heart of the Father, full of love, grace, and mercy. The truth contained in the Bible leads us not only to believe in God but to trust and depend on Him.

Our heart must be filled with two things so that, unquestionably, we walk in truth: revelation and power of God. The first comes as a result of being exposed to His Word and allowing the Holy Spirit to speak freely to our lives. Holy Spirit is the one in charge not only of reminding us of the words of Jesus, but He is also the one who shows us the truth of God, who makes visible the reflection of the reality contained in black and white. Not only that, the Holy Spirit in revealing Jesus unveils for us the Father. The Bible says: “He [Christ] is the divine portrait, the true likeness of the invisible God.” (Colossians 1:15) When our hearts are filled with the visible reality of God, we walk not only with freedom but with firmness.

The second thing that should clutter our hearts is the reality of God’s power. Often our worldview of God’s power is limited, from the very moment of Genesis to the middle of the book of Acts. So, our understanding of the Power of God becomes theoretical. Our mind understands, interprets, and processes that the miracles that God worked in His Word were exclusive to validate the message and that once the early church was consolidated, it manifests itself in a way not visible nor tangible, but is present in the process of justification of the soul of the believer.

The power of God goes beyond serving just as validation of the eternal message. The power of God is an active and present reality in our day. We need to understand that the Power of God is not only creative (capable of creating something not only new but previously nonexistent) but is also the guiding thread of God’s Plan for humanity. The power of God is not limited to the process of Salvation alone, it currently serves as a screen on which God’s attributes are projected (Psalm 33), His glory becomes evident (Psalm 19: 1-6), and the need of His sons and daughters are satisfied (Matthew 21: 21-22). The power of God is such that with a single word the World was created, in the same way, today, just with a single word of His, the pain disappears, the disease is silenced, desolation is abated, and death defeated (Isaiah 53).

When the knowledge of the true God meets the anointing of the Holy Spirit, revelation occurs in our hearts. It is the revelation of God in our lives that fuels a true transformation of mind, heart, and soul. Knowledge without anointing is simply religiosity. Jesus confronts our religiosity. And that was precisely what happened that Tuesday of the first Holy Week in history. The Son of God, in His last week on Earth, confronted the religiosity of those who believed themselves to be knowledgeable and bearers of the truth. This fact is recorded so, that more than two thousand years later, we can learn the lesson and allow the knowledge of the truth meet the Power of God in our hearts.