His Purpose

His Purpose


I cry out to God Most High,
to God who will fulfill his purpose for me.
Ps. 57:2 NLT

I was going through this Psalm today. I was focusing on worship. Then the Holy Spirit told me “read it again son“. So I did (I’ve been learning to simply hear God’s voice and simply obey). But this time as soon as I got to verse two he said “Stop. This is what I want you to understand today.” Then it hit me.

So often we hear at Church that God has a plan for us, that he desire that we succeed, that he has plans and purposes for our well being. But then I question myself about whether my purposes and goals in life aligns with God’s. The answer is that most of the time they not.

What an amazing picture Psalm 57:2 brings us. We see David crying out to God. It was not a thought nor a silence prayer. He cried out to God. I imagine the Psalmist crying out with all the strength of his lungs with hands raised to the heavens.

But what really left me speechless was the purpose of David’s cry “God will fulfill his purpose for me”. Now let’s pause for a moment and lets give a double look to the cry. It is bold to ask God to fulfill his purpose for us. Because his purposes are contrary to what our inner being lungs for. Why is it so? Simple… Because our inner being is attracted to sin, our sinful nature will always feel moved to do what is contrary to what God calls good and righteous. I wonder if I will be bold enough to make such a strong plea.

The Holy Ghost then said to me: “Son, it is easy to ask me to fulfill my purpose for you. The main thing is how willing you are to allow me to move in your live and perform the changes I have to do so that my purpose for you gets through. I want to do something in you but for that I need you to fully give me control of every single area of your life“.

So now I am fighting with that word. I know what God wants. He desires to fulfill his perfect purpose for me in every single area of my life. But then I know what I am have to do. And that’s to surrender mi selfish will to his perfect will. He has given me a specific word years ago. And every single day since I arrived to this country He’s been faithful to give me a word every single day.

So I invite you to stop for a moment and think about this word. My prayer is for God to speak to your life through this post.


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