He was to do it

He was to do it

 So he went into all of Galilee preaching in their synagogues and casting out demons.
Mark 1:39 NET

The event recorded in Mark 1:35-39 about Jesus’ ministry is a very interesting one. We’ve talked about it on previous posts. Guess while we remain on Earth we won’t be able to grasp all of the riches and lessons contained in Jesus acts and words. Yet, I hold to this glorious reality that one day, I’ll get to spend eternity in His presence and all that would matter is his voice.

Jesus had it clear what his purpose on Earth was. He didn’t came to start a religion, nor initiate a social movement, nor he came to demonstrate how a out-of-this-world human being he was. He came so that you and me might live. He came to give us hope. He came so that our relationship with the Father might be restored through his death on Calvary. I love the lyrics to Hillsong’s “Calvary”. There is a phrase that, to me, resumes the reality of the Cross: Calvary covers it all, my sin and shame don’t count anymore… 

Through Mark 1:38 we are made aware of the reality that Jesus knew what his mission on Earth was. He had it clear since the beginning of his public ministry. Jesus said, “Let’s go to the rest of the villages so I can preach there also. This is why I’ve come. Thus far we’ve discovered tree important keys in Jesus’ ministry: a) He spend time alone with God. b) He knew what his purpose was. c) He was determined to do it.

Knowing what your purpose is will help you to be better equipped for the task God has laid in front of you. But knowing per se your purpose is useless unless you stand up and actually do what you’ve called to do. Purpose without action is no more than an iddlic dream. Jesus actually took his message into all Galilee. He cared for people. He helped them. He was determined to change people’s lives. That included not only a preaching ministry but a healing and delivering ministry as well. He was committed to both the spiritual and physical welfare of the people. The good news today is that after 2000yrs he still remains committed to change and transform not only lives but realities as well. Jesus had it clear. And we, as the Church, need to be committed to the same motto that drove Jesus to love on people. We are called to go out and bring a change. We know what we should be doing. It is recorded in Scripture. Question is, do we have it clear?

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