He had it clear

He had it clear

Jesus’ life is so filled with lessons that we could spend our whole life studying it and yet won’t be able to have the whole picture clear. Studying Jesus’ words and actions would indeed teach and transform us as we approach Scripture with a humble heart and an open spirit. In our pursue of having our life dramatically transformed by God, some of us have gone into Seminary. Getting formal training in as of how to approach Scripture is more than getting an academic degree that would make you be consider a master in Bible within christian circles. It is actually submitting everything about yourself to continually be transformed through the proper study of God’s Word by the action of the Holy Spirit actively working in us.

Early in the gospel of Mark we find Jesus performing miracles. Just between the narrative of Simon’s mother-in-law healing and the cleansing of a leper, the author of this particular gospel is intentional in presenting us Jesus in such a unique way. He is introduced to us as someone who valued and treasured spirituality. It is very interesting that what is narrated to us in Mark 1:35-39 occurs just in between two demonstrations of The Master’s supernatural power. It triggers my imagination and it makes me wonder the reasons why the author decided to give us such a magnificent piece of information on Jesus. I believe it is because we need to be reminded that ministry without seeking God and depending on his guidance is nothing but good deeds. Impact may occur as a result of good deeds but transformation would never occur if we left God outside the equation. Our society has come up with all sort of reliefs in its effort to change the reality of millions of lives who are going through extremely painful situations. I am not saying nor condemning those efforts, but true relief must involve the gospel. Only the good news and the hope found in the Savior that true hope may rise in the midst of desolation and pain.

Mark 1:35-39 gives us this amazing and beautiful picture of our Savior going before The Father in prayer. Communion and dependence are key in ministry if we‘re really seeking to see lives transformed. When I read these verses I know that He had it clear. And so must we. Jesus had it clear that (a) He needed to spend time alone with The Father, (b) What His purpose was, and that (c) He was to do it.

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