Dignity in the Creation

Dignity in the Creation

Before anything existed God already existed. The beginning of the story of humanity is marked by a majestic account, in which the main character is God himself. He is the centrality of everything. Everything is peripheral to him. In the beginning Elohim (ʾělō·hîm ) was. Elohim is in a plural form. It is a plural of majesty.

It is extraordinary to see how God displays his sovereign and majestic power by filling the void that existed. He filled the tofu and bohu that characterized the Earth until this point in time. God gave form and filled the void in which the Earth was.

The goodness of God is displayed at creation. He spoke light into the darkness in which the Earth was immersed. Through the creation account we can trace a pattern of liturgy. Liturgy is not that bad. I believe there’s richness in liturgical worship. We have to learn to value and appreciate the diverse expressions of worship within the Church. The Bible, repeatedly records the phrase “and God said” through the whole creation account found in Genesis 1.

When God make mankind in his image, he was claiming creation for his own. By extending his rule to all creation, He was giving a royal task to mankind. Being created in his image, involves a task of a calling, of a vocation to serve in the kingdom of God. Therefore kingdom language used in Genesis 1, and it gives us a wonderful picture of what our vocation should be, stewards of that which was created by the eternal and perfect ruler. Servanthood involves stewarding. We are to be stewards of the presence of God.

Dignity was also displayed and portrayed through the creation of humankind. When we give a second look to Genesis 1:27 we can get it. When the Bible declares that “male and female he created them” we see no distinction between beauty or function between sexes, but rather we observe dignity being placed upon human begins.

Mankind bare unmarked dignity which should not determined the way in which we treat our peers. If we were created by a loving, merciful, and royal king who decided to place value and dignity upon his creation; who are we to treat others without dignity? Mankind was the pinnacle of the Creation. The creation story determines the culture we, as Christians, should have and must display towards a lost society who’s desperate calling for love and dignity to be placed upon them.

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