I knew it will be quite a challenge to leave behind my home, my friends, my comfort, my church, everything that for more than 25 years were familiar and embrace the godly unknown. I knew that I wanted to trust God, to serve Him, I knew I needed to be better equipped.

I was so excited for this opportunity. Still I am pondering and wondering how is it that God will pull everything to miraculously provide for every need I will have in this country. I embraced the journey fully convinced that this is what God wants for me.

Never thought it will be hard and difficult. But then praying I realized that every mayor change in someone’s life involves sacrifices and adjustments. And here I am surrendering everything I’ve got to HIM. You would believe that surrender means submission as in not being free to do whatever you want. On the contrary. God saved us and gave us FREEDOM!!! What a huge concept it is. Once we were slaves of sin. But Jesus sacrifice on the Cross gained us this amazing thing we now call freedom. Submission and surrender is not limiting your free will but rather consciously walking and doing life according to God’s principles and outlaws.

The first couple of days I spend in America were a combination of excitement and uncertainty. I was getting anxious because the housing stuff wasn’t bringing any results. Then one morning as I was taking a shower the Holy Spirt spoke to me (isn’t it funny not only how but the way and places he decides to speak?) on the importance of depending on his direction. I knew he was true. I preached about it jus the week before. So I decided to begin a journey on listening to him and believing whatever word he will drop. So I’ve been writting down those specific words he has been giving me these days and taking them as prophetic words for my life. But the challenge does not stays there. I have decided to pray over those words the entire day and allow myself to be aware of how his Word becomes a (specific) reality day in and day out in “ordinary” situations.

So I invite you to join me in this amazing prophetic journey. My prayer is that my experience and what I will write enables you to search more from God, to soak in God’s presence, and to simply rest in the assuring truth and confidence that only His Word can provide.